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(updated on 01/05/21)

1. Use the resources provided by this website to help your child practice and learn Uechi-Ryu Karate.
          * Print out the Student Handbook.   This will help you understand what your child will be learning and what they need to practice.
          * Print out the directions for any Kata/Form your child may be learning. You can find them on the Student Resources Page.
          * Watch the video of any Kata/Form your child may be learning with your child.  This will help insure that you are practicingthe Kata/Form correctly.  You can find the pages for the videos under the Student Resources  sub-menus as well as in the links provided on the Students Resources page.

2. Join the Facebook Group named: SENSEI BILL'S KARATE.   It's the fastest way for me to get information to you in the event of a class cancellation or location change.  I can't express enough gratitude to those who have already joined this group.

3. Arrive to class at least 5 minutes early.  This will ensure that you hear all of my announcements and that your child will not miss any part of class or INTERUPT THE CLASS THAT HAS ALREADY STARTED BY ARRIVING LATE.

4. Have your child wear their Karate Uniform/Gi to EVERY class!  Why?
          * It helps to psychologically separate "play time" from "class time".  Nine times out of ten the most unruly student in class is the one who did not wear their uniform.
          * When your child does not wear their uniform it prevents me from teaching certain techniques. The uniform provides the clothing design and the correct clothing material that we depend upon to assist in "keeping your partner safe" while doing two person drills.

5. Do not wear "street pants" underneath your uniform/gi pants.This makes it nearly impossible to allow your child to practice their kicks and stances correctly. When I see a student having difficulty in performing correctly, it's usually because they are wearing two pairs of pants!

6.  Invest in the Practice DVDs.  Why? The benefits are numerous but I'll list the most practical reasons here:
          * Often, your children may get sick and may miss up to 4 classes before the illness has run it's course through your household.  The DVD will review and provide a practice experience so when your child returns to class they can easily pick up where they left off.
          * For those of you who are a part of the America's Youth Program, one class a week may not sufficient enough for your child to learn at a proper pace. Most Martial Art schools require you to attend classes at least 2 times a week to insure that your child does NOT forget what they have taught them.  The DVDs provide that reinforcement.
          *  When students are concentrating on learning new techniques they begin to forget the previous ones.  The DVDs provide a record of everything they have learned in case they need to review.
          * I have heard wonderful reviews from parent's who use the DVDs with their children and I have seen excellent performances at tests from students who use the DVDs. 

7.  Provide you child with their own Sparring Equipment.
          *  Chest Protectors - I've noticed that the students who own their own chest protector do not get injured as much in class as the students that wear the "class" chest protectors that I provide for them in class.   The newer designed chest protectors provide better protection than the ones that I provide for class.  Most of the chest protectors that I supply for class are a minimum of 11 years old.  (I'm unable to tell you how old they are for sure. I inherited most of them from the Youth of America Instructor that I replaced 11 years ago.)
          *  Sparring Helmets/Headgear - I would highly suggest buying your own for sanitary reasons. Although I try to keep them as clean as I can they are the single-most "sweat drenched" piece of safety equipment used in class.  And although it's never been a problem, having your own headgear can prevent the transmission of lice.

8. Please do not provide sugary snacks or drinks to your child before class. I'm not a health guru, but I've observed over the years that junk food will make your child irritable, anxious, and unable to concentrate in class.  This, of course, hinders your child's ability to learn. Soda or Sweetened Beverages, especially during sparring, are a big "no-no" too.  Students who drink soda to hydrate during sparring are usually the first to become irritated, frustrated, and exhausted.
     I would suggest against Sports Drinks as well.  Once upon a time I used to provide them for class. The results are usually the same as drinking soda.  If you are worried about hydration, please drink your "Gatorade" after class. 
     Water is usually best during class.

9. Practice with your child.  Involved parents have the most accomplished students. You don't have to be a "Karate Master" to help your child. I provide lots of things to help you practice with your child on the Student Resources page.  Even reading out loud the directions to a Kata while your child performs it can make a huge difference in their learning.

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