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Adult Black Belt Program



(4th rank is called SichiKyu)

Yakasuko Kumite

is a

two-man, pre-arranged sparring drill

that is essential for learning

proper timing, distancing, and form.


It is also a safe opportunity for the proper expression of intent.

The first set, formally known as

Daiichi Yakasuko Kumite,

is a series of

10 different attack and defense sequences.

As your physical skills increase, so too will the intent behind the execution of those techniques.

Students will be able to attack with the intent to injure. Students will be able to defend against an attack meant to injure.

All in the safest way possible.


The video and directions should help aid you in your learning process.

The Yakasoku Kumite Comic Book is a wonderful tool created by Mark Shipley. I received a photocopy of a photocopy, of a photocopy, years ago and did my best to colorize and touch up the artwork.

I've never met Mark Shipley but I'd like to thank him for the contribution that he made to Uechi-Ryu Karate.









Yakasoku Kumite

This video shows a demonstration of Okikukai's Yakasoku Kumite. It was recorded at Sensei Ahti Kaend's Dojo in Garden Grove, CA, likely for the purposes of being a visual reminder of the newest Kumite.



 Instructions for Yakasoku Kumite 

 Yakasoku Kumite Comic Book 

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