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Adult Black Belt Program


FOR WHITE BELTS - 4 Stripes/Bar

(5th rank is called RokKyu)

By now you should be able to perform the following traditional curriculum with confidence and demonstrate a basic understanding of the techniques. 

Junbi Undo
Hojo Undo


Sanchin Kata

Kanshiwa Kata

Kanshiwa Bunkai

Yakasoku Kumite

As your competence increases, you will begin to learn the Quadrant Drill, and other similar sparring drills, to prepare you for 


Jiyu Kumite is free sparring.


During free sparring you will experiment with simulated fighting. You will match your reflexes and techniques against another student in a free exchange of techniques. 

Jiyu Kumite is a safe way to begin to simulate the chaos of a self defense situation.


The video will show an example of Jiyu Kumite to help better your understanding.










Jiyu Kumite

This video shows a friendly, light contact, non-competitive sparring match between myself and a Krav Maga practitioner as an example of free sparring. 

The level of contact will increase as you improve your offensive and defensive strategies and techniques.


You should always value and respect the level of contact your sparring partner is comfortable with. 


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