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Junior Black Belt Program





You've accomplished something

that thousands have failed to do!


Give yourself a pat on the back and put your gi back on . . . .


You've got so much more to learn.


There are two paths to take now.


If you are 12 years old or younger

you will begin on the longest

Junior Black Belt Kata there is.




If you are 13 years old or older you will begin to learn the DRAGON KATA known as





To help you learn and practice at home, you can watch the video and print out the


DAN KATA  (Pronounced "Dawn Ka-Ta")


"Black Belt Level" Fighting Kata


Dan Kata features the 6 Attack and Defense combinations used in theTraditional 2-Man Sparring Exercise called Dan Kumite. Sensei Bill arranged these combinations into Kata Form for his own practice and later wereintegrated into the America's Youth Outreach Program and the Garden Grove Okikukai Junior Black Belt Program.

SEICHIN KATA   (Pronounced "Say - Chin Ka-Ta")

The "Dragon" Kata

Seichin is the fourth Traditional Kata that is taught. Known as one
of the five "Bridging" Katas of Uechi Ryu, this kata embodies the elements
of Dragon Style Karate, and begins to prepare the student for Seisan Kata.

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