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Junior Black Belt Program



By now you should be able to remember

Sanchin Short Form

really well.


But there's more to do with a KATA

than just MEMORIZING it.



Now that you don't have to think so much about what comes first,

or what comes second,

and you're not making

as many mistakes . . .

(Yay! You didn't forget how to do it!)

. . . .Now you can begin to look

for OTHER mistakes you might

be making.


Look real hard.

Remember, when we are sparring, we get hit because of

something we are doing


something we are NOT doing.



Make sure your arms and legs are always in the correct position

and ALWAYS in the

correct position.


The more you pay attention,

the easier it will be to learn.


To help you learn and practice at home, you can watch the video and print out the instructions.

 Instructions for Sanchin Kata  

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