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Junior Black Belt Program



Now that you've learned

all 5 sequences in KYU KATA

it's time to try them out

against a partner.


is a "under black belt level"

sparring exercise.


No safety equipment.

Test your form against the reality

of being attacked.


I'm going to return you to

the basics. You'll always return to

the basics.



was the first KATA that you learned.

It's time to master those movements.

Errors in the way you perform

your blocks are going to

show up in KYU KUMITE.


Let's take another look at them

and make sure we're doing them right. If you're wondering why

you're getting hit, the answer is

"You're doing it wrong".


You will begin to learn

you're 5th KATA


Learn it well,

this is the KATA

you will be tested with

at your Junior Black Belt Test.

To help you learn and practice at home, you can watch the video and print out the


KYU KUMITE  "Under Black Belt" 2-Man Sparring Exercise


Kyu Kumite is a 2-man Sparring Drill used to teach proper technique, timing, execution, and distancing.It consists of 5 attack/defense sequences.


It's a Kyu Level (under black belt) Kumite.

KANSHU KATA (Pronounced "Kawn - Shoe  Ka-Ta")


"The "Crane" Kata


Kanshu Kata is the third Traditional Kata that is taught. Known as one of the five "Bridging" Katas of Uechi Ryu, this kata embodies the elementsof Crane Style Karate, and begins to prepare the student for Seisan Kata.

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