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Adult Black Belt Program



(3nd rank is called HachiKyu)

Now that you've got a basic understanding of Kanshiwa Kata, it's time for some analysis and application of it's movements.


is the analysis and application

of Kanshiwa Kata


In our dojo, we practice several different versions of Kanshiwa Bunkai to explore and understand the mechanics and context of self-defense.

In the video to the right you'll see a dramatized performance of Kanshiwa Bunkai as a Karate Demonstration.

The next traditional exercise that you will be learning is called


In our dojo, Kanshu Kata is nicknamed

"The Crane Kata"


In this "toolbox" you'll quickly discover fast and precise hand and leg techniques geared towards defending yourself against a stronger opponent.

The name



comes from combining the names of the first two Grandmasters of

Uechi-Ryu Karate

SHUshiwa and KANbun Uechi

The video and directions should help aid you in your learning process










Kanshiwa Kata and Kanshiwa Bunkai

This particular version of Kanshiwa Bunkai was created for this specific demonstration at a Karate Tournament.

As we hope the demonstration shows, the applications of the techniques in Kanshiwa Kata are as vast as the contexts in which you might need to use them.


Kanshiwa Kata

The video shows a slow paced demonstration of the kata to aid in the learning of the sequence.


 Instructions for Kanshu Kata  

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