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Videos and Text to aid in the learning experience!


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Links will provide you with descriptive text on how to perform the curriculum or a video demonstrating the curriculum.


 Junior Ranks


Student Handbook Cover/Intro & Rank Requirements

White Belt
Kata - Uke Kata - Video
Uke Kata - Directions

Yellow Belt & Orange Belt
Kata - Sanchin Short Form - Video
Sanchin Short Form - Directions

Purple Belt
Kata - Sanchin Long Form - Video
Sanchin Kata Long Form - Directions

Green Belt & 2nd Degree Green Belt
Kata - Kanshiwa Short Form - Video
Kanshiwa Kata Short Form - Directions

3rd Degree Green Belt
Kata -  Kanshiwa Kata Long Form - Video
Kanshiwa Kata Long Form - Directions

Blue Belt
Kata - Kyu Kata Short Form - Video
Kyu Kata Study Guide - Directions

2nd & 3rd Degree Blue Belt
Kata - Kyu Kata Long Form - Video
Kyu Kata Long Form - Directions

Red Belt
Kyu Kumite - Video
Kyu Kumite - Directions

2nd Degree Red Belt
Kata - Kanshu Kata - Video

3rd Degree Red Belt
Kata - Master Level Uke Kata
Uke Kata Study Guide

Brown Belt
Kata - Master Level Sanchin Kata
Sanchin Kata Study Guide

2nd Degree Brown Belt
Kata - Master Level Kanshiwa Kata
2 Man Kanshiwa Bunkai
Kanshiwa Kata Study Guide

3rd Degree Brown Belt
Kata - Master Level Kanshu Kata - Video
Kanshu Kata Study Guide
Hojo Undo - Video
Yakasoku Kumite 1-10 - Video
Yakasoku Kumite 1-10 - Directions
Yakasoku Kumite 1-10 - Comic Book version/directions

Junior Black Belt Age 13 and Under
Kata -  Dan Kata - Video
Dan Kumite - Video (coming soon)
Dan Kata & Kumite - Directions

Junior Black Belt Age 14 and Up
Kata - Seichin Kata - Video

2nd Degree Junior Black Belt
Kata - Seisan Kata - Video
Junior Black Belt Project 1 (Kata- 20 Positions of Attack & Defense)
      Example: Sadangchin Kata  (Jeffrey's Fight) by Jeffrey Sadangsal - Video

3rd Degree Junior Black Belt
Kata - Seiryu Kata - Video



 Adult Ranks


So. Cal Uechi Training and Testing Guidelines

White Belt - JUKYU
Kata - Sanchin Kata (Long Form) - Video
Hojo Undo - Video
Sanchin Kata Study Guide

White Belt 1 Stripe - KUKYU
Kata - Kanshiwa Kata - Video
Kanshiwa Bunkai
Yakasuku Kumite 1-3
Kanshiwa Kata Study Guide

White Belt 2 Stripe - HACHIKYU

White Belt 3 Stripe - SHICHIKYU
Kata - Kanshu Kata
Kanshu Kata Study Guide
Kanshu Bunkai
White Belt Green Bar - ROKKYU

Green Belt - GOKYU
Kata - Seichin Kata
Kyu Kumite

Green Belt 1 Stripe - YONKYU

Brown Belt 1 Stripe - SANKYU
Kata - Seisan Kata
Seisan Bunkai
Dan Kumite

Brown Belt 2 Stripes - NIKYU

Brown Belt 3 Stripes - IKKYU

Black Belt - SHODAN
Kata - Seiryu Kata

2nd Degree Black Belt - NIDAN
Kata - Kanchin Kata

3rd Degree Black Belt - SANDAN
Kata - Sanseiryu Kata



DaiNi Yakasoku Kumite - Video
DaiNi Yakasoku Kumite - Directions

Pangai-Noon Dan Kumite - Directions


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